Chuck Phelps is the eldest of three and was born in Aurora, Ill.  Yes, home to Wayne’s World…. but really it’s full of cornfields as anyone who’s been there can tell you.  Ever since he can remember, he has always liked entertaining people on a stage of one kind or another.  Laughter is “the medicine of the Gods”, and to be the cause of people laughing, crying, feeling, or just plain forgetting about their troubles for a brief period of time is priceless.  (And the icing on the cake, for me anyway, is that it’s a hell of an awesome way to share a moment between human beings.)

Chuck would like to blame this urge on his mother Nancy as she forced music on him at a very early age.  While learning to play guitar, back when they put colored dots all over the neck, Nancy set up a performance for the family.  Chuck hated the experience so much that he immediately quit.  After that she tried clarinet, which was his grandfather’s favorite instrument.  Unfortunately, Chuck ran into the local band teacher who was none too friendly and immediately put Chuck in the last chair and kept him there for the next couple years.   Being that he never really practiced anyway, he eventually quit.

As ironic luck would have it, Chuck’s father hated loud noises of any kind.  Couple that with the universe’s own brand of humor, and you’ve got the magnetic combination that would prove to be too much for a young 20 year old to handle. Chuck’s third instrument ended up sticking for the first third of his life.  The drums, or the drum set to be more specific, ended up becoming part of Chuck’s first career.

A music school in Los Angeles, an “out of left field” side trip to Alaska, and an AA degree from De Anza College.  What do they all have in common? Answer:  they all led to his joining a Ska Punk band back in 1989.  Unbeknownst to him, or any other member of the band at that time, they would help to create and promote a type of music not yet known.   Being on the ground floor of that brand new movement led to 8 years, 5 CDs, endless trips back and forth across the United States, a record label with a quarter million CDs sold, and a level of fame and success that would ultimately cause the band to implode.   Chuck used to say:  “We’ll all help each other achieve our dreams together.”

When that implosion happened, Chuck decided not to lie down and take it.  Rather he launched into the next phase of his life by starting his own record label.  His underground pop punk label gained a foothold in the U.S. and even went global with bands from Japan and Switzerland, again taking Chuck to the verge of success.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t force the bands to stay together and finally ran out of money and closed his doors in 2002.  “I’ll help the bands achieve their dreams, and there in by they’ll help me achieve mine.”

Having thoroughly exhausted the music thing, Chuck was left with something he had always told himself:  “If I wasn’t playing music, I would be acting.”  Not only did hehave  this secret desire to act, but he somehow thought he might be good at it.  Chuck decided to put his money where his mouth was, and gave it a shot.  As with everything else he has done in his life, he went at it full force.  Starting with school, adding to that more school, and finally finishing it off with the boot camp of all acting techniques ….. Meisner.   Along the way he managed to put together not only a demo a reel, but a   resume full of something he didn’t know he’d fall in love with, live theater.   Through his travels he has discovered that he must take care of his own dreams.   He is now following his heart and with the launch of this website, Chuck is proud to call himself an actor.

P.s. When Chuck has spare time, which is almost never, one of his favorite things to do is watch movies and play guitar (love you mom) while his girlfriend Jeanne paints gummi bears.  His favorite candy is hot tamales.

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